OPTION 1 - Direct to Tamanjaya

1) From Jakarta (Kalideres, Pulogadung or Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal) to Serang (Pakupatan Terminal).
Early morning, you can take a PRIMA JASA bus  pay on bus, route JAKARTA - SERANG - CILEGON - MERAK (on the bus panel shows JAKARTA-MERAK). This is via toll road Jakarta - Merak. Tell the bus driver / konduktor, to remind you that you want to get off Serang.

2) Get off Serang Terminal. Preferably, by the time one reaches Serang Terminal, it's not later than 9.00 AM.
At Serang terminal, find a minibus (ISUZU PS/ELF) SERANG - SUMUR - TAMANJAYA. Usually they park on the left side of terminal, sometimes outside the terminal. Ask the driver, if it goes to TAMAN JAYA or only to SUMUR. Make sure it's TAMAN JAYA. (IDR 40k).
It can take more than 8 hours to reach TAMAN JAYA (from Serang), an EPIC RIDE you won't forget for the rest of your life and will share with your grandchildren over and over back home.
You might easily recognize this minibus, loaded with all possible stuff on its roof. This minibus serves as a main and cheapest trasportation (read:economical, delivery) mode to Ujung Kulon. Sometimes, the seat are "taken/reserved" for goods/packages/plastic bags, and you sit next to it.
On the way, this minibus stops at/by TAROGONG Termnial near LABUAN, PANIMBANG Market, CIBALIUNG Market, and SUMUR, and proceeds to TAMAN JAYA.
As arrive at Tamanjaya, don't forget to stay at Villa Prima please send SMS to +6285920767999 for reservation 

OPTION 2 (Overnight at CARITA), day 2 off to Taman Jaya

This is in case, you reach Serang (Pakupatan Terminal) after 12:00 noon. Step 1 the same as in OPTION 1, but proceed to CILEGON TIMUR (Seruni Terminal) and get off there. Do not get off at Serang (After Serang, the bus transits at CILEGON TIMUR, before proceeding to MERAK).
1) From CILEGON TIMUR Terminal, take angkot (dark pink color or was it blue) to the ouskirt of CILEGON (near KRAKATAU STEEL). Tell the driver you want to go to Carita, and the driver will drop you off where you can take another angkot (silver) to CARITA. (IDR 3k + IDR 15k)
2) At CARITA many budget hotels and homestays for < IDR 200k. Enjoy nasi goreng and an evening at Carita.
3) Early morning, from Carita, take angkot to LABUAN, stop by (outside) TAROGONG Terminal. To the angkot driver mention that you want to catch the minibus to TAMAN JAYA. (This is the same minibus from SERANG to Sumur and Taman Jaya, as in OPTION-1). The minibus waits for passengers outside the terminal, by a warung. Ask and make sure the minibus goes to TAMAN JAYA (IDR 30k)
UNDERSTAND (Critical Path)
The "critical path" is transport to/from Taman Jaya - Serang. Regularly, there are only 2 (two) minibuses daily from Taman Jaya to Serang. First at 3 AM, and second at 4:30 AM. You miss the buses, stay another night at Taman Jaya. Actually the last stop is CIKAWUNG vilage, after Taman Jaya. It starts at 2 AM from there. These minibuses are the only "business" transport for villagers around Ujung Kulon, to bring their goods (chickens, vegetables, rice, you name it, on roof), early morning, to be sold in the markets in the cities along the way to Serang. School kids living at Taman Jaya and around, take this early morning (still dark actually) minibus, 2 or 3 AM, to their schools at Sumur, or towns along the way. If the minibus is full, they are told to sit on roof. That's why, they start so early, to take a more than 6 hours route all the to Serang, otherwise, villagers arrive late to sell their goods at the markets.
Road Condition / the EPIC ROAD:
Up to SUMUR, OK. From Sumur to Taman Jaya, 20km or so, takes more than 2 hours. Sitting on the minibus is like sailing on a rough sea. But you'll enjyoy the ride, once you get to see breathtaking fantastic views, I call it "The Natural Mystic of Ujung Kulon" ... beach on the right side overlooking Ujung Kulon and Handeuluem island at the faraway distance, ricefields and mountain (Gunung Honje) on the left.

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